Future Classics


Future Classics has been set up by four of us chaps who have a keen interest in cars but no professional qualifications in journalism with a view to helping you find an affordable classic car. The idea is, that using DVLA data, research and our own experience and sometimes anarchic opinions, we will provide you with honest, straight talking reviews of cars that we are confident will become future classics (we will even look at cars that could be nothing more than a bum steer)

Our intention is to make a virtue of the fact that we are not professionals at this business and keep a relaxed and easy going approach to the website, reflecting the fact that we are just four average guys who like nothing more than messing around with a load of old cars (not to mention boring our spouses silly with facts they don't want to hear)

So who you might you ask are these self appointed gurus of the future classic car world, with their hands on a petrol filled crystal ball? Well each of us has written about our own car buying biography, which are listed below, so you can judge for yourself whether taking our advise is a good idea or not.

There is one last thing to mention and that is that, as I said earlier, we are not professional scribblers so please don't be surprised if you come across the odd typo or or any dodgy grammar, and please please don't feel the need to tell us about it either. Thank you.

Motors Rich

What he doesn't know about the insides of a car is what he hasn't bothered reading in the manual.

Data Dan

Not very talkative but he sure does love them numbers, and his AMG!

Sic Nick

Know for his razor edged tongue, which curiously makes him sound like Lloyd Grossman.

Daddy Paul

Despite having a boring family car now, Paul has been known to drive slightly more fun vehicles in the past.