Future Classics

Daddy Paul

Despite having a boring family car now, Paul has been known to drive slightly more fun vehicles in the past. In fact he even persuaded one of his employers to foot the bill for a couple of them and stretched the definition of "sensible company car" a little bit too far. He also used to help out at Ferrari Owners Club events, mostly Track Days and Concours events (for obvious reasons).

Car History:

  1. Ford Escort Mk 3 :- OK, not strictly mine, it was officially owned by my mother, but I carried out many disastrous modifications to it, including the rather tragic bonnet stripes, 2 sets of spotlights and absolutely comical Stop/indicator lights on the rear parcel shelf.
  2. Ford Escort XR3i :- The first car I actually bought myself, and then paid twice the price to cover it with just 3rd party insurance. In my (poor) defense, I'd left Uni and bagged a job on the outskirts of Colchester. So in order to blend in with the locals, I deemed a white XR3i would be the ideal choice. It wasn't, if I'm being honest. All it got me was unwanted attention from the rozzers.
  3. Ford Escort Mk 4 :- The XR3i really had to go, so I got myself a 1.8l Escort this time. It was the first time I'd strayed from my usual white motor. I think they called it Mettalic Mallard Green. It was rather nice and refined compared to the XR3i, but it didn't last long as I moved employment and a company car scheme was about to open up a whole new world of fast cars to me.
  4. Peugeot 106 GTi :- My first properly fast dinky hot hatch. I had this for 3.5 years and loved every minute of the 2 or 3 months it worked properly. OK, some of the trips to the body shop were my fault, however endless issues with the lambda sensor and exhaust meant that I didn't enjoy this great little hot hatch as I should have. Black was also a ridiculous colour, as it needed cleaning every week!
  5. Honda Civic Type R :- The "Bread Van", as it was affectionately known by my piss-taking peers. Another black car (I refused to learn the lesson!). This was a stupendous car, I absolutely loved every single minute of ownership. Seriously, I would have another one of these in a heartbeat. Not the modern ugly versions, the proper bread van version. The best thing about it, the company were paying for tyres. The fronts on these lasted approximately 3 months. They weren't cheap. I don't think they were too chuffed. My favourite moment of owning this car was one Saturday when we were running late for football so I drove with "great spirit" and got us there on time. It was a quiet journey, until moments after my dad thanked me for getting him there before kick-off with the comment "I feel like a f**king astronaut!". Cheers Dad, RIP big fella.
  6. Honda Jazz :- Actually the wife's car, but it was a cracking little thing that I rather enjoyed driving. When my CTR went back to the company and we sold the Jazz, about 7 years ago now, I bought a....
  7. Honda CRV :- Big, spacious, family car. Because now I have 2 kids and my life is over.