Future Classics



Made over version of the 850, and still hanging on to some sporting pretensions

Headline stats

Maximum # of Registrations = 7217
Latest # of Registrations = 1529

Our Verdict

The T5 and R versions are packing 240bhp, 250bhp respectively so worth looking out for

Future Classics Rating


Details of Derivatives

Total 57 items.
NameCalculated RatingMax RegLatest Reg
S70 10V81652120
S70 10V AUTO77630140
S70 2.5 10V AUTO6052
S70 2.5D8514821
S70 2.5D AUTO81377
S70 2.5D CD011
S70 2.5D CD AUTO7541
S70 2.5D SE92131
S70 2.5D SE AUTO7792
S70 20V7517543
S70 20V AUTO7722852
S70 AUTO563716
S70 AWD7582
S70 AWD AUTO5063
S70 CD 10V7610324
S70 CD 10V AUTO7430779
S70 CD 20V738723
S70 CD 20V AUTO8025651
S70 CD T5798117
S70 CD T5 AUTO8017834
S70 CD TDI88263
S70 CD TDI AUTO89374
S70 CD TURBO867610
S70 CD TURBO AUTO7517243
S70 R675919
S70 R AUTO614216
S70 SE634617
S70 SE 10V84824131
S70 SE 10V AUTO78834181
S70 SE 20V8616222
S70 SE 20V AUTO7931964
S70 SE AUTO628130
S70 SE T58711615
S70 SE T5 AUTO818616
S70 SE TDI8113725
S70 SE TDI AUTO848313
S70 SE TURBO8410216
S70 SE TURBO AUTO7715034
S70 T58927530
S70 T5 AUTO7810422
S70 TDI7810322
S70 TDI AUTO90747
S70 TURBO85497
S70 TURBO AUTO789019
S70 XT687323
S70 XT 10V83305
S70 XT 10V AUTO573314
S70 XT 20V663010
S70 XT 20V AUTO6052
S70 XT AUTO638832
S70 XT D76133
S70 XT D AUTO81163
S70 XT TD5021
S70 XT TD AUTO5021
S70 XT TURBO8051