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The Jaguar Mk1 XK8, another sure fired future classic surely! And then there's the supercharged 370bhp XKR.
Produced from 1996 to 2006 as both a coupe and convertible, featuring Jaguar's new developed V8 engine and with lines that it has proved hard to knock, the XK marked the beginning of Jaguar's improved fortunes.
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Headline stats

Maximum # of Registrations = 28482
Latest # of Registrations = 27618

Our Verdict

The XK8 and XKR sold well when new and so are available in decent numbers making finding a good one relatively easy. Prices are also pretty keen right now with higher mileage XK8 coupe's selling in the region of £2000, though it would be best to pay a bit more for an example with sensible miles (75k would be a good number to aim for) as the price rises sharply for very low mileage cars. convertibles and XKR's obviously attract higher prices but are still reasonable value. Its worth noting that convertible XKR's aren't that much more expensive than the XK8.
If you are on a budget go for a sensible mileage XK8 coupe, but if you can afford it an XKR convertible would make for refined weekend motoring with the wind in your hair.

Examples for sale (Nov 2016)
XK8 convertible 80k miles FSH £8000
XKR convertible 77k miles FSH £11000

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