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Citroens answer to the Beetle is the original gallic peoples car. Made from corrugated steel in the first instance, they were always know for being rather flimsy. Production ran from 1948 to 1990 making it one of the longest running cars in history.

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Maximum # of Registrations = 27772
Latest # of Registrations = 2865

Our Verdict

Masses of charm so long as your not in a hurry. Sold in large quantities but rust and cross winds have deminished numbers. Very much a collectable car.

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NameCalculated RatingMax RegLatest Reg
2 CV42221128
2 CV KA6631
2 CV6864054528
2 CV6 SPECIAL89110271186
2CV BAMBOO7946895
2CV VAN AK5021
2CV6 DOLLY877727928