Future Classics



Produced from 1989-1991 and featured a 3 litre V6 engine producing 210bhp

Headline stats

Maximum # of Registrations = 47
Latest # of Registrations = 37

Our Verdict

Not exactly what you would describe as a "looker" and based on the Alfa 75 chassis would you believe, but if its rarity value your after then with only 20 left on the road according to the DVLA, then there are more La Ferrari's kicking about (22).
Actually, 47 of these were registered in Britain so I can't imagine what happened to the othe 27, you can't blame Alfa's foundness for rusting as the body work is plastic and even with a some dodgy Alfa electrics your not about to scrap one of these in a hurry, so where did they go???
Surely the DVLA have got their data correct....

Future Classics Rating

Source: Petrolicious